Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I pondered and pondered what to write about today. Then I had a moment of inspiration! I would write about recognition! I have been sending stuff to TAC for contests on and off for a while now. At first it seemed like I was sending stuff and maybe it never even made it to TAC. I say that because when the winners of the contest were announced, I couldn't believe I didn't win! SO I stopped sending. It hurt to pour out my creativity and not even get acknowledged. I know, bad attitude. Well, the story doesn't end with my bad attitude! After some time and some thought I decided I was going to enter a few contest categories every month, no matter what. Now, that is a better attitude. I entered two months ago, NOTHING. Every month, right? So I entered last month too. AND GUESS WHAT? I was selected for the Terrific Touches feature on the TAC website! Here is the card I made. It's a window card. There is a circle cut with the coluzzle nested circles template in the front of the card. The bunny, from No Bunny Like You T-2354, is on POP ITS inside. She pokes through the front of the card. It was a whole lot of fun to make. Wanna see the other great TAC samples selected for Terrific Touches? Click HERE.
I guess this post is about recognition, but it is also about attitude. I just mailed my contest entries for this month! We'll see what happens!


Jennifer said...

Cute, cute card! Great blog entry and good job on the slide shows too--glad that you got it figured out! You'll have to let the ladies over at ASB know that you started a blog! There are a few blog theads over there somewhere. I'm sure that they would all love to see it too!

Cathrine StClair said...

This is a great card. Congratulations! I really like it. And the blog is great too! Love the slide show - may need to look into that for my boring blog!

***Marilyn*** said...

Congrats!! it's a beautiful card.
Well U sure are talented. Hoope u win the next few rounds. Keep it coming.