Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Thank You Card for My Mother In Law

Friday my husband gets a call from his mom. She wants to come over on Sunday. Ok, well why? He knew.
Sunday comes around and we are trying to decide what to do for dinner. See, I have an ear infection and I am just not myself. I didn't want to clean and cook. We were thinking about going out to get a dinner. Max called his mom and dad to let them know that he was home from work and ask if they wanted to go out for dinner with us. They were already eating dinner. Now I really wanted to know why they wanted to come over. They didn't even want to eat with us! It's a mystery. Max knew why.
So Max ran out to Jewel to get some chicken for dinner. I cleaned up a little. Max got home from the store just as his mom and dad arrived with a big box. Want to know why they came over? They brought my birthday present! LOL. My birthday is not until April! Mom was so excited she couldn't wait. She bought me a Cricut! A Cricut?!? Can you believe it. I can't! She was so excited she couldn't wait till April to give it to me! I can't believe it, what a gift!

Here is a card I made using the cute little bug. It's for my Mother in Law. I used the Cricut to cut the card (4 1/8 square), the envelope (4 1/4 square), the blue 3 1/2 inch square, the daisies and centers. If you look at the far right side of the picture, you can see that there is a little daisy on the inside of the card. The left side of the picture is the envelope flap. What FUN! I am so shocked and excited. The Thank You stamp is a current Level B hostess set from TAC.
Edited To Add:
Cartridges Used:
George for the blue mat and white daisies
Cricut Sampler for card, envie, and flower centers


Anonymous said...

I just viewed your Thank you card made with Cricut. What programs did you use? I also got a surprise Cricut and haven't used it much. I love your card.

Catherine said...

cute, cute card and what an awesome early birthday present you got there =) Lucky u!

Rachel said...

What a great present!


Tricia said...

I'm so happy for you! But sad that you're not feeling great. Hope to hear from you sometime!

Anonymous said...

You will love your new cricut! I have one and use it for every thing, I think that's why I've become very lazy in cutting things out. Have fun!!

Sarah said...

THis little card is so cute!

Nancy Grant said...

Yeah!!! Have fun creating!!!


Emily said...

Great Card. I saw it on the Cricut Site. My Cricut was a surprise gift too! My mom surprised me with it about a year ago. Loving every minute I use it!

Kristin said...

How sweet of your MIL!! None of my relatives even know what a Cricut is! LOL. Cute card too! You've got a nice blog going on here lady!