Thursday, June 5, 2008

Rockin' Roxie Matchbook

These kits are so much FUN!! This little scrapbook is made with TAC's AWESOME Rockin' Roxie Matchbook Kit! You can get your Rockin' Roxie Kit FREE until June 16th. Click here for details, then email me to order!

Supplies Used in this project:
Rockin Roxie Matchbook Kit
Miss Moxie Hardware
Miss Moxie Ribbon
Lime Scrappers Floss
Red Scrappers Floss
Palette Burnt Umber Ink
Petal Pack
Swoops and Swirls (a current level A hostess set)

Cover Opens like a Matchbook, I made this book Portrait so that the book stands vertical. Look at that yummy wide green grosgrain ribbon! Isn't is BEAUTIFUL.

Inside Cover and First Page, The pages flip down. Click on any picture to see a close up.

Second and Third Pages, by cutting the tabs in half and using them on the pages (page 3) instead like an index (page 2) you can increase the number of embellishments you have to choose from.

Fourth and Fifth Pages

Pages Six and Seven

Pages Eight and Nine, notice how wrapping a length of ribbon around the page makes a quick and gorgous embellishment for both the front and back side of that page. I just wrap the ribbon and secure with a knot of contrasting scrappers floss.

Page Ten and Eleven, notice how I used a small photo on page Eleven? It is really easy to 'forget' to journal. I used a scrap of yellow from Miss Moxie cardstock and just a small photo leaving space for my husband to write a personal note to Violet. It was their preschool date night. Word stamps are a great way to spice up a design, but should not replace personal journaling!

Page Twelve and Back Inside Cover, look at the super cool, super trendy parentheses! The Rockin' Roxie kit comes with lots of them and all the tags, tabs and photo corners you see! I think it took me longer to photograph and blog then this book took me to make!
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Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

Wow-wee!!! Your matchbook is incredible!!!


Rachel said...

I absolutely adore this matchbook. Does the kit come with instructions on how to put it together? I would love to get one.

Heather said...

i love how you put together your matrchbook! It inspired me to finish mine!

I tagged you on my blgo - check it out!

Sandy said...

You've been "Tagged" go to my blog to continue on. Sandy

Sarah said...

Great job on your matchbook! It looks amazing!!!

Sarah G.