Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Lower Prices!

I know, it's a little creepy...but cute too! I had to make an irreverent card for a swap I do every month. The sentiment might be kind of hard to read on your screen. It says 'What part of princess don't you understand?' I just love that's irreverent right?

Stamps are all retired. Sorry sucka! <--- Just practicing for the irreverent swap! ;)

However, that delicious background paper is not only still available, though me your friendly neighborhood Angel, BUT now it is at a NEW LOWER PRICE! You heard that right! Uptown Girl used to setcha back $6.95 for 36 8x8 sheets, but now it's just $5.95 for the same glorious 36 sheets. Want some? Just email me to order!


Michelle said...

oh this is a super cute card! Love everything about it!!

Rita W said...

Love the card! It is so cute and so the sentiment is so perfect.