Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Flu, Limited Internet Access and Home Improvement

I know, I abandoned you all again. I am so sorry! Trust me when I say that you are never far from my mind! At the moment I have limited Internet access due to a computer problem. I am working on it and will be back to more regular blogging and email soon. Between the computer and the flu my husband gave me I have been out of touch.

I have also been in a little bit of a life change mode. My husband and I are expecting our third child and it's a boy! I am sure that some of you already know that...what you might not know is how life changing it has been for me! I have been consumed with cleaning and clearing clutter at home. I have to fit another child in our home which is less than 900 sq. feet! We are packed as it is and I am nesting in CRISIS MODE. I have been down and desperate. My attentions have been on my home and they need to be right now.

NOW THAT SAID...what does it all mean?? It means I am still here! You can call me at any time. E-mail will be slow for a little while, but I am checking it. I place about 2-4 orders to TAC per month. I can get you anything you need! I have Serendipity Magazines at home and in stock, let me know if you need one...they are $2.95 or free with a $30 order. I will not be doing classes for a little while, but that is just because you would not believe the state that my house is in! I will be back with classes as soon as I get a handle on this sty we call home. I am going to be attending and helping with a Ladies Craft Night at Mt. Prospect Bible Church. The first one is March 7th at 6:30 til whenever. I will have a free make and take card and lots of space for you to work on any crafty thing you want. Come out and join me! I have missed seeing you all! I hope we will craft together again really soon!

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Chris said...

Hang in there! We miss you of course, but don't want to add stress to your plate.

Good luck with everything and stay healthy!!