Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Card to Share

Where have I been you ask? Well see, I can explain. I know these two Funny GIRLS that taught me all about couponing! Now I can not resist a 'deal'. It's an addiction, but one that is good for my family budget. Here is a picture after a wild night spent at Kmart. I had more stuff that didn't make it into the picture and there are somethings that you can not see at all cause other things are blocking. I spent $133.64 and saved $212.00 in coupons. I got all these groceries and essentials as well as 7 Christmas gifts! The picture doesn't do the deal justice.

Anyway, that is most likely not what you are here to read about so...on to the card I have to share! I made this one for a Masterpiece Card Class so you will see it in class eventually. It features Rose Collage, a TAC level A hostess set, and TAC's Angelee Soar With It Collection Cardstock, Ribbon and Papers. I used my handy dandy Dove Blender Pen and fancy dancey Jewel Tone Shimmer Chalks to color the Rose Collage. It has a beautiful shimmer in real life. I stamped a second Rose Collage and colored just the blue banner portion. Then I popped out the banner as a second layer. It is a nice detail that you could miss looking at the photo. I hope you like my Rose Collage! I think it is such a beautiful stamp, it make elegant cards EASY.

TAC is offering double hostess benefits now through the end of the year! Want Rose Collage FREE? Email or call me and we can arrange for you and your stamping friends to have a girls night out hostess split. You host, I'll bring a fun project, Your friends bring a $50 order and EVERYONE is a hostess!


Chris said...

Congrats on the good deal! That's dedication, I usually have expired coupons and that's it! :(

I just passed on this Rose Collage today, darn, I had no idea it could look so nice. I love that you used chalks too - they have been greatly ignored lately by the stamping community! :)

Mischelle Smith said...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful card! I love this Level A Hostess Set. And wow!! What an awesome job at Kmart! You are the coupon queen!! rita w