Monday, October 26, 2009

Gall bladders, yo-yos and Gideon

OK, I admit it. I am crazy for yo-yos! Today, I have a quick card and a new picture of Gideon to share. I had been feeling pretty bad, tired and extremely itchy. Then I had a huge attack of pain. I didn't think too much of it, I thought it was something I ate. When I had the pain again, I decided to go to the doctor. It turned out that my gall bladder needed to be removed asap! My liver functions were off the charts high, that is what caused the itchy! I just had the surgery on Friday night. I am feeling better now but I tell ya, I have had enough of hospitals for this year!

I made this little cutie yo-yo pumpkin card before but I had been feeling so lousy it was hard to get all my work done and still blog! I am feeling better each day so I hope to share more with you in the coming weeks. The card base is some blue match makers cardstock. TAC has it in 8x8, 12x12 and scallop edge pads. The fence is brown cardstock and I used the Scor -Pal and Kai 4 inch scissors to make the pickets. The stamps are TAC's hinges (Level A-Serendipity) and Tag Tidbits. Ribbon is from TAC's Mimi Ribbon collection. I tied the tag on with brown scrappers floss. I don't know what I would do without scrappers floss!

I thought I would also show you G at four months. Isn't he getting big? I am so blessed! Blessings to you too!


Tyra said...

I am SO glad that you are feeling better and finally figured out that itchy-ness! Who knew that a bonky liver could make ya itchy?

Gideon is SO handsome!! I said it before, and I will keep saying it, you and Max make beautiful babies!

Give me a call when you are feeling up to a visit :)

OH! I scrapped at moms, did a whole 2 page layout on Friday night. Go me! ;)

Chris said...

Risa, I'm so sorry to hear about your gallbladder! I hope you do feel better - take care of yourself! Wow. 4 months already? He looks so big! :)