Thursday, July 28, 2011

Samplers and Swatches - I am CONSUMED!

Here is your loverly paper! Aren't those YUMMY shades!?! Wait till you feel this stuff! It's not called smoothies for nothing! Smooth and heavy with rich pigments! If you haven't claimed your Sampler Pack, it's not too late! I hope to order the second round on Monday. I need to get 10 more Samplers Packs claimed so tell your downline, upline, sister angels and stampy friends! Email me if you want one of the second round Sampler Packs!
Here is a peek behind the scenes. That is my daughter Desi. She and I spent most of yesterday afternoon and into the evening walking around the two tables turning the 60 packs of 25 sheets into 25 packs of 60 sheets! I am so thankful for her help! Each Sampler Pack contains one full sheet of each of the 60 Smoothies colors for $29.95 shipping included.
The last picture for now is my progress on the Swatches. I have 53 of the 60 colors cut into swatches. You can print your swatch card here. These are 1x2 pieces cut to fit on the TAC cards. If you want a set email me. They are $2.50 plus actual shipping. I will be able to pack and weigh these if you are waiting on a total from me I can get that to you tomorrow. EDITED.


Chelsea said...

Those are yummy!

Susan said...

I love my paper! And I have promised myself that I will use them rather than hoard them!