Wednesday, April 2, 2008

TAC Featured Artwork

Yesterday TAC updated their Featured Artwork section on the website. Tricia, one of my Moonbeams, found this picture in the Featured Artwork. It's a card I made for the simple swirls and curls contest. I am so sad it didn't win as I am SUPER fond of this card. It is one of my favorite designs EVER. It is always an honor to find my art on TAC's website or in TAC publications.
Supplies Used for This Card:
Kraft Cardstock
Amberly Grace Cardstock (Grey)
Premium White Cardstock
Truly Blessed
Spring Dream
Just a Note (Level C Hostess Set)
Petal Pack
Palette Toile Pink
Palette Landscape
Palette Bordeaux
Palette Charcoal
Palette Reflection Blue
Paper Piercer
Pink Satin Ribbon
Scraps of Pink and Burgundy Cardstock
32 gauge silver wire


Nancy Grant said...

What a neat combination of stamps. Awesome card!

Gayle said...

I loved making this card at your card class!!! It's one of my favorites!

george.franco said...

Congrats! I always love seeing your cards there. ~Chris

Tyra said...

LOVE this card, as you know ;) As fun as it is outside, the message inside was beautiful!